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PEB Steel came to Asia in 1994 and is owned by the European based PEB Group and 2 large public listed Japanese companies namely Nippon Steel Corporation and Okaya & Co., Ltd.

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PEB Steel consists of 7 fabrication factories that boast a total capacity up to 100,000 MT of completed pre-engineered steel buildings annually.
  • Factory 1
  • Factory 2
  • Factory 3
  • Factory 4
  • Factory 5
  • Factory 6
  • Myanmar factory

Factory 1

PEB’s first factory is designed in “I” shape to maximize the unobstructed internal flow of production. It is equipped with fully automated submerged arc welding lines from Lincoln (USA).

Factory 2

The building shows excellence and innovation in every piece of engineering. It is 17 meters high with a slope of 4:10 and is supported by PEB Steel’s castellated beams and open-web-joists system.

The roof is done with our special LokSeam® profile which is the optimum choice to prevent water leak.

Factory 3

This factory is equipped to produce mix pre-engineered buildings structures as well as heavy structures including hot-rolled members for the power plant, oil & gas facilities, multi-story / high-rise buildings, and other special steel structures.

Factory 4

The 4th factory boosts the productivity of PEB Steel in Vietnam, increasing the total capacity in the region to more than 120,000 MT / year. It is specialized in the unique design with large bay spacing up to 15 meters without supporting jack beams.

PEB Steel uses the huge size Z300 purlins which are made of Silver180® coated steel (AZ180 Gr/M2). This material is extremely suitable for intensive corrosion resistance.

Factory 5

The first factory to use our special rigid PebHybrid™ frame (galvanized cold-form coil), which can shorten the fabrication duration and contribute a longer life cycle for the construction. The special PebINSUL™ (insulation material) and great ridge ventilation system help make the indoor cooler and more comfortable. PebWall™ and PebLiner™ were chosen for cladding to enhance the aesthetic of the entire factory.

Factory 6

The 6th factory is invested more in advanced machinery systems to produce heavy steel structures for complex constructions. PEB Steel applies the latest technical innovation in the pre-engineered buildings industry on the ridge ventilation system, as well as using high-performance PebFoam™ in thermal insulation, and PebHybrid™ for rigid frames and mezzanine joists.

Myanmar factory

Located in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone, the factory of PEB Steel in Myanmar commits the total fabrication capacity up to 30,000 MT / year. This 30,000 square-meter large factory along with its state-of-the-art machinery systems can handle heavy steel structures to quickly meet the most difficult requirements of complex constructions.

The new factory is built up with PEB Steel’s latest products and technology: PebHybrid™ for rigid frames and mezzanine joists, modern ridge ventilation and insulation systems, and eco-friendly paint which achieve LEED® certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).






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