Effective & Trustworthy Services


Effective & Trustworthy Services

Turn your ideas into reality

From your initial ideas, PEB Steel will propose a fast and binding plan in terms of design, fabrication, erection, costs, and timeframe.



We provide quality work with excellent service to respect your needs and future use.

Proposal Drawings

Optimum Solutions

in energy efficiency and resistance to corrosion and severe weather.

Estimation of Construction Costs

for a clearer view of how detailed your buildings will be.

Fixed Construction Costs & Timeframe

for best budget utilization and project management.

Signing of contract to
execute the construction

Offer innovative drawings

  • Outstanding
    Design Ability

  • High Engineering Capabilities

  • 100+ Talented
    In-house Engineers

Comply with the latest international codes

State-of-the-art design system for tailor-made buildings

Every single building part fits each other perfectly

The fabrication process consists of 7 main steps:

  • Cutting (Plasma, CNC, Shearing)
  • Full automatic welding lines
  • Fitting and Finishing
  • Shot blasting
  • Painting process
  • Galvanized purlins/ girts, wall and roof sheeting
  • Loading process.

PEB Steel commits all products are tested in-house before delivery to ensure the highest quality, comlying with the international quality standards for raw materials (ASTM Standard) and testing methods:

  • Dimensional and Visual checking
  • Magnetic testing (MPI Testing)
  • Ultrasonic testing (UT Testing)
  • Steel protection: Shot blasting (S.A 2.0) for all jobs
  • Epoxy painting from first-rate international brands.

Fast and efficient process to deliver your final buildings

  • All parts of the building are packed, marked, and delivered to the job site for complete erection in a short time.
  • Thanks to the materials prepared at the factory, all connections at the job site can be quickly completed with bolts, nuts and fasteners. This ensures a fast and efficient process to deliver the final buildings.
  • On-site supervision and quality control are always available until the end to ensure that everything is perfect. Your pre-engineered building is ready.

Keep your buildings in
first-class condition


material warranty


structural warranty

We use premium materials for the highest quality and long-term durability, regardless of end use and environmental conditions.

However, a proper warranty will maximize the performance of your buildings and remain them in first-class condition. Everything should be worth your investment.

We are here for you

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