80m-Wide Clear Span Footwear Factory (Vietnam)

80m-Wide Clear Span Footwear Factory (Vietnam)

80m-Wide Clear Span Footwear Factory (Vietnam)

This is a shoe factory using PEB Steel‘s 80m-wide Clear Span prefabricated rigid steel frame, providing the most spacious area and smooth workflow in the factory.

PEB Steel uses the LokSeam® profile for the roof cladding as an optimal leakproof solution and the PebWall® corrugated profile on the walls for a robust and modern beauty.

PebLeed® (coated AluPeb® material in cream white color) is used for all panels. This material not only offers excellent corrosion resistance and color retention but also effectively reflects solar energy to reduce the roof temperature by up to 5°C. This helps the investor to save energy and optimize operating costs.

To enhance the efficiency of heat reflection and air circulation, PEB Steel designed and installed large canopies, a 7m-wide ridge ventilator, and used 50mm-thick PebInsul™ insulation sheet on the roof.

Application Factory
Industry Shoes, Leather and Bag
Investor Korea
Area / Weight 50.400 sqm / 2.213 mt
Location Vietnam
Year 2016
Why Pre-engineered building
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