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Advantages Of Steel Structure

Expert opinion - 25/09/2023

Steel structure is considered the superior solution due to the application of advanced technology and the ability to meet the market’s strict requirements. Therefore, building factories, industrial warehouses, or other constructions with steel structures is becoming increasingly popular because of its outstanding advantages.

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1. Advantages of steel structure

Steel structures have become popular and frequently used because of the following outstanding advantages:

  • High durability and bearing capacity: Steel has high tensile and compression bearing. It will guarantee the project’s stability and durability when used in construction. The homogeneous structure of the steel is another factor in its high reliability. Steel is also a flexible, elastic material that resists deformation.
  • Lightweight: Compared to structures made of concrete, wood, stone or other materials, the weight of steel structures is considered the lightest. Engineers will evaluate the lightweight qualities of steel using the ratio between its specific gravity and its calculated strength, also known as the C-factor.
  • High industrialization: The production process of steel materials takes place entirely in metallurgical factories. Meanwhile, the steel structure manufacturing process is mainly concentrated in specialized factories. Therefore, steel structures are suitable for industrialized construction needs.
  • Flexibility when transporting and assembling: Due to its lightweight and high rigidity, transportation and erection take place exceptionally easily and quickly. At the same time, when necessary, the disassembly, replacement, and repair process also becomes simpler, making it easier to expand construction at any time.
  • Water and gas imperviousness: Compared to other materials, steel structural materials and connections are closed and impermeable to water and gas. Thanks to this property, steel is used to build gas and liquid storage tanks.
  • Cost saving: Flexibility, ease of processing and assembly and good load-bearing capacity of steel structures help reduce labor, construction and maintenance costs during operation.
  • Construction time saving: Thanks to the easy machining process and quick assembly from the factory, steel structures have the ability to be constructed quickly, flexibly adapt to changes and be done at the same time.

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Steel structures have many outstanding advantages
Steel structures have many outstanding advantages

2. Disadvantages of steel structures

Besides their outstanding advantages, steel structures still have some limitations. However, these limitations can be easily overcome through many measures. Therefore, when choosing a construction unit, you must consider it carefully to ensure prestige and efficiency in project implementation.

  • Easily corroded: Steel contains mainly iron, so it can oxidize, causing damage. Iron in steel structures can rust when wet or exposed to corrosive substances such as salt water, acid, alkali, or other corrosive chemicals. Protective measures such as coating, galvanizing, using corrosion-resistant steel alloys, and timely maintenance to inspect and repair damaged areas are necessary to prevent or minimize corrosion.
  • Poor fire resistance: One of the limitations of steel material is its susceptibility to deformation when exposed to high temperatures. When steel transitions into a ductile state, its load-bearing capacity is lost, and the steel structure may collapse. Fire-resistant materials, insulation layers, or increasing the structure’s thickness can be used to address the low fire resistance of steel structures. Designing a heat ventilation system and employing an automatic fire suppression system are also helpful measures. The implementation of these solutions should comply with local safety and construction regulations.

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Steel structures have some disadvantages that need to be considered before construction.
Steel structures have some disadvantages that need to be considered before construction.

3. The application of steel structure in construction

Steel structures are used in many different types of construction today because of their ability to expand spaces, flexibility, and load-bearing capacity. The following are some uses for steel structures:

  • Industrial Warehouses and Factories: Steel structures are suitable for building warehouses and industrial factories due to their ability to create large spaces without the need for many supporting columns and their flexibility in design.
  • High-rise buildings and commercial structures: Steel structures are commonly used in the construction of high-rise buildings and commercial structures due to their high load-bearing capacity and flexibility in design.
  • Stadiums and sports facilities: Steel structures can be used to build stadiums and other sports facilities with large spaces and good force-bearing capacity.
  • Residential homes and civil construction: Steel structures can also be used in residential homes and civil construction, especially in projects that require unique designs and open spaces.
  • Bridges and culverts: Steel structures are often used to construct bridges and culverts due to their high load-bearing capacity and corrosion resistance.

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Steel structures are applied to many different projects
Steel structures are applied to many different projects 

4. Conclusion

The above information covers the pros and cons of steel structures and some applications in construction. If you need comprehensive solutions for Pre-engineered Steel Buildings and Steel Structures, please don’t hesitate to contact Pebsteel via email at Marketing@pebsteel.com.vn or by phone at +84 908 883531 for immediate consultation today.


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