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Details of Construction Process Of Industrial Factory

Warehouse & Factory Construction - 22/09/2023

Today, the demand for construction industrial factories is gradually becoming more common. However, many businesses still do not fully understand the entire process to effectively supervising and manage the of construction contractors. Let’s explore the details of the construction process of an industrial factory in the following article with Pebsteel.

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1. Details of the standard industrial factory installation process

1.1. Construction of foundation anchor bolts

The first step in constructing an industrial factory is the installation of anchor bolts. This step plays a crucial role as it lays the foundation for the entire structure. Any errors during this stage can have a significant impact on the structural components such as beams and columns.

The anchor bolts must be securely welded to the steel reinforcement of the foundation. Welding the anchor bolts should take place after the installation of the formwork and steel reinforcement of the foundation has been completed, ensuring the stability of the formwork. Additionally, it is essential to cap thebolts carefully to prevent the rustiness or dirt buildup on the threaded ends.

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installation of anchor bolts is a crucial role as it lays the foundation for the entire structure
Installation of anchor bolts is a crucial role as it lays the foundation for the entire structure

1.2. Transportation of the materials and components

The raw materials and steel components, after being fabricated and quality-checked, will be transported to the construction site. Once fully gathered at the designated location, the construction team will begin the erection of the factory structural steel frame according to the technical drawings.

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1.3. Erection of the columns, trusses and purlins

At this stage, due to the heavy weight of the steel components, machinery support is required for lifting and transportation during installation. Below are the specific construction steps:

  • Install the rigid bracing.
  • Assemble the beams and rafters.
  • Complete the bracing system.
  • Install  the roof truss and purlins.
  • Install the gable end truss.
  • Assemble the purlins and girts.

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1.4. Erection of the prefabricated concrete floor slabs and walls

Installing the concrete floor and wall for the industrial factory should be carried out following the technical design specifications. Based on the predetermined anchor bolt positions, concrete panels are lifted and installed precisely. After ensuring proper alignment with the roof truss/upper bracing system through bolt connections, construction workers will securely tighten the bolts both above and below to maintain a fixed position.

1.5. Installation of the roof sheeting for factory

The process involves placing each sheet of metal onto the rails and securing them with iron hooks. Then, the rails are pulled to lift the metal sheets onto the roof of the industrial factory. Construction workers will attach these metal sheets to their designated positions on the roof purlins. This process continues until the roof section is completed.

1.6. Constructon of the infrastructure and technical systems of the factory

The infrastructure of an industrial factory includes elements such as the transportation network, drainage pipe system, ventilation, gutters, wall sheeting materials, etc. The technical system includes fire protection, communication, electricity, water, and so on. Additionally, there is the ability to construct additional infrastructure amenities such as plasterboard ceilings, green gardens, etc., to enhance the aesthetic aspect of the project.

1.7. Acceptance, handing over and putting the project into use

Once the above steps are completed, the contractor needs to inspect the quality of the columns, rafters, bolts, and roof gable and eave trims, as well as any openings for louvers. Afterward, the entire factory will be cleaned and tidied up. If everything meets the requirements, the contractor will proceed with the final inspection and hand over the industrial factory to the client.

1.8. Industrial factory warranty

After handing over the factory, if any problems occur during operation, the construction contractor will do the warranty for the. Each contractor will have a different warranty policy.

There are 8 main stages in the construction process of industrial factories
There are 8 main stages in the construction process of industrial factories

2. Some notes in the process of building industrial factories

  • The most crucial part of constructing an industrial factory is the foundation structure, so the construction contractor need to pay special attention to this phase.
  • Careful and precise calculations of the columns and steel rafters length is essential to avoid excess or insufficient steel allocation.
  • To ensure the stability of the frame structure, the installation of bracing for the factory should be carried out securely. During the construction process,installation of the rigid bracing should be focused from the beginning,, followed by the installation of other elements such as columns, rafters, purlins, and roof bracing.
  • The contractor needs to choose the size (height, thickness) and function of precast concrete panels that are suitable for the intended use.
  • The installation of metal roof sheetings must adhere to standards, ensuring that their connections are aligned and form right angles with the purlins to guarantee the quality and aesthetics of the project.
  • The safety of the workers during construction should always be ensured by providing them with adequate protective equipment and avoiding construction during unfavorable weather conditions.

3. Conclusion

Above is the detailed process of constructing an industrial factory that you can refer to. In addition, during the construction process, there are some considerations that both the client and the contractor should keep in mind to ensure the safety and quality of the factory when it is put into use. If you are looking for comprehensive solutions for Pre-Engineered Buildings and Steel Structures, please contact Pebsteel via email at [email protected] or phone number +84 908 883531 for consultation today.


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