A fascia system in a pre-engineered steel building enhances its appearance and transforms it from an ordinary-looking structure into an attractive building.

Product Features


Although the main purpose of a fascia is to conceal part or all of the gable roof, proper color coordination of the fascia sheeting, soffit, trims, gutters, and downspouts, generally enhances the aesthetics of the building and gives it a distinct appearance.

Pebsteel offers five standard fascias:

  • Vertical fascia
  • Bottom curved fascia
  • Top and bottom curved fascia
  • Center curved fascia
  • Parapet fascia.

The vertical fascia is the most common and economical type. It projects an image of strength by providing a bold appearance and smooth linear edges. This fascia may come up with or without a soffit. A soffit contributes to a neat flush finish and is highly recommended.


Although the standard projection of this fascia is 600mm, wider projections up to 1,500mm are common. The height of this type of fascia is variable and is determined mainly by the roof slope of the building.

The roof gutters are located in such a way as to prevent water from seeping through the fascia projection thus providing protection from the rain and shade from the sun.

The curved fascias (bottom curved fascia, top, and bottom curved fascia) with their rounded corners and edges project a smooth and tranquil appearance. The parapet fascias are extensions of the building walls in such a way as to conceal the building peak and are intended primarily to project a solid flat roof appearance.

No matter what you plan to use your building for, adding a fascia to it increases its value and enhances its aesthetic appearance and beauty.


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