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Durable & Aesthetic Prefab Wall Materials

Expert opinion - 24/08/2022

With its own characteristics, prefabricated walls will have special requirements for construction materials. These requirements are aimed at creating beautiful and sturdy prefabricated buildings. Join Pebsteel to learn the specialized materials commonly used to make prefabricated walls nowadays.

Pebsteel’s PebWall products are the main materials for prefabricated building walls

The structure of the prefabricated building

Prefabricated steel buildings gradually became a popular solution for building constructions from industry to commercial and civil. Prefabricated steel building solutions can fully meet the requirements of real estate constructions, factories, shopping centers, factories, warehouses, farms …

The structure of a prefabricated house consists of the main parts:

Main frame system

The main frame system is like the backbone of the building. This is the part that is responsible for supporting, bearing, transmitting, increasing hardness and stability for prefabricated steel buildings. The frame system includes: main drag frame system, bracing system, purlin system. The frame system is firmly designed and uses high-grade, quality materials

Prefabricated steel buillding structure (Source: Pebsteel)


Substructures Are the remains to complete a finished prefabricated steel building. Depending on the feature of the building, the use of substructures will be optimized by the engineer when designing. The substructures are often used in prefabricated steel buildings such as: roofs, stairs, door systems, gutters, decorative frills, emergency exits, maintenance walkways,…

Covering structure

This structure has important implications for prefabricated steel buildings. They are responsible for restricting space, subdivision use and protecting the building from the impacts of the external environment. This cover also ensures the aesthetics of the entire building. With a variety of materials from shape to color, the requirements in the design of the building are guaranteed.

The covering structure includes the roof and prefabricated walls shaped from available material panels such as: corrugated steel roof, cement panels used for exterior furniture, covering floor, steel panels, bricks, wood, tile …

Common types of prefabricated building walls

The prefabricated walls belong to the cover structure of the building. When designing, depending on the features of the building, the engineer will come up with appropriate wall use solutions. Here are the types of prefabricated building walls that are commonly used:

Common corrugated steel 

  • Advantages: this is a material with light weight, diverse colors and many functions such as insulation, taking light. Corrugated steel plates can be produced as required to ensure according to the purpose of use when constructing steel buildings.
  • Defects: The soundproofing feature of the corrugated iron is limited, causing the operation inside the steel building to be affected.
PebWall corrugated steel used as prefabricated walls (Source: Pebsteel)

Sandwich Corrugated Steel

  • Advantages: Also known as panel corrugated steel, panel wall. The sandwich corrugated steel stands out for its effective sound insulation, insulation, heat resistance and noise protection. Used for many positions from walls, ceilings, floors. Corrugated iron has many colors to meet many needs of use: making partitions, ceiling panels, doors …
  • Defects: Heat resistance and bearing capacity is only average. Cutting according to demand to resize will be limited because of the hard corrugated iron structure. This is not the optimal material to cover the area of moisture or contact with water.
An illustration of the sandwich corrugated steel


  • Advantages: There are many types to choose from such as ordinary concrete, light concrete slabs, cemboard panels. The superior feature of this material is fire resistance, resistant to high temperatures. The material is lightweight, does not put pressure on the foundation system of the building. It is safe for human health and environmentally friendly throughout its use.
  • Defects: Not all concrete slabs are used as covering walls. Some concrete slabs are weak, not strong enough, so they do not meet the requirements of making partitions for prefabricated steel buildings. So before using, you need to consider it to ensure effectiveness.
Concrete slabs which used to line prefabricated building walls (Source: internet)


The current trend is to use concrete bricks instead of traditional bricks because the function is more effective.

  • Advantages: The type of used brick is a light-volume foam concrete brick to reduce the pressure on the building. The material is highly appreciated to help the building withstand wind storms as well as strong external impacts in a sure way.
  • Defects: Requires more meticulousness and time-consuming during construction. The material has no reusable value.
Concrete bricks which used to make prefabricated building walls (Source: internet)


  • Advantages: The full name is wall-paneled wood with hard, durable features, resistant to termites, water resistant and waterproofing. Wood has the form of panels of the same size for the construction to actively use according to the actual situation.
  • Defects: Not 100% wood, but also sand and glue. Hygiene during use is restricted.


  • Advantages: Variety of glasses according to the purpose of use such as: tempered glass, white glass, stained glass, reflective glass, safety glass … High durability if used correctly. Based on the needs and purpose of use to choose the right thickness for the glass.
  • Defects: high cost, high technical requirements when installing, there is pickiness when using for each type of building.

Pebsteel – Quality prefabricated steel buildings construction organization

Pebsteel is proud to be the leading provider of prefabricated steel building solutions and European quality standard steel structures in the market. Prefabricated steel buildings by Pebsteel are present in more than 50 countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Japan,…

With a strong staff focused on professional training and professional ethics, Pebsteel is committed to providing professional and dedicated service. With practical experience, Pebsteel is confident of having the full capacity to carry out massive-scale and high-demand constructions

Pebsteel always aims to create high-end buildings that meet all the factors: architecture, engineering, functionality and aesthetics.

Above is the information related to prefabricated house walls in the design and construction of prefabricated houses. If the customer still has questions that need to be answered, please contact at the following email marketing@pebsteel.com.vn or phone number +84 908 883531 for specific advice.


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