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Industrial Building Design – Things to Keep in Mind When Constructing

Expert opinion - 28/08/2022

For businesses, the design of industrial buildings is always a matter of great importance. However, not all enterprises understand the important criteria in the construction and construction process. In this article, Pebsteel will send the most general information about industrial factory design for your enterprise to refer to.

Industrial building design plays an important role in the performance of the enterprise (Source: Pebsteel)

1. What is an industrial building?

Industrial buildings are the type of buildings serving the industrial production process including types such as factories, workshops, warehouses. Prefabricated steel industrial buildings are built from steel components that were produced at the factory, then moved to installation according to the designed drawings.

Today, industrial buildings are becoming more and more popular. Depending on the function, the features of the steel frame and the number of floors, it will be divided into many different types. This is also the basis for enterprises to consider and choose the most suitable industrial building design.

Industrial building designs are quite diverse for enterprises to choose from (Source: Pebsteel)

2. Classification of industrial buildings

Currently, industrial buildings are classified on many criteria, which can be mentioned as:

– Sorted by function: Industrial factory, prefabricated warehouse, steel frame factory,…

– Classification according to industrial building structural features: there is a middle column, no middle column, a space, a roof,…

– Classification by the number of floors: Depending on the size, land area, industry-specific, the enterprise can balance the construction and design of industrial buildings with the appropriate number of floors.

3. Why should steel structures be used when constructing industrial buildings?

Reinforced concrete is a common type of building and is applied to many buildings. However, in modern industrial building design, this is not the most common form of construction. Instead, many enterprises today tend to choose steel structures to build their factories, warehouses…. Steel is a highly mechanical material. The steel structure is well-bearing but much lighter in weight than reinforced concrete. Therefore, steel is the optimal choice when designing industrial buildings.

  • Applying steel structure helps to simplify the construction process. Materials, manpower and implementation time are all saved. From there, the enterprise can significantly reduce the cost of construction.
  • Steel has better heat resistance than reinforced concrete. Therefore, steel structural industrialists can operate in conditions of high temperatures.
  • Steel structure construction buildings have a life expectancy of up to 50-60 years if owning high-quality components and being properly maintained.
  • The equipment of pipes and wires connecting the equipment inside the steel structure will be easier than the concrete constructions.
  • When damaged, it is necessary to reinforce, the repair of the steel structure industrial building is simpler and more convenient than the concrete building. As a result, the construction process does not take much time or restrict the impact on the production activities of the enterprise.
The choice of steel structure for industrial buildings brings many benefits (Source: Pebsteel)

It can be seen that steel structure industrial buildings have a lot of outstanding advantages, suitable for applying to factories, workshops, corporations. In some cases, businesses can combine steel and concrete for special purposes such as fire resistance.

4. The necessary criteria when designing industrial buildings

With many outstanding features, steel structural industrial building design is increasingly becoming the preferred option of many enterprises. However, in order for the factory to ensure the quality and efficiency of use, the construction process needs to ensure some of the following criteria:

Determine the purpose of use:

Based on the occupation and field of operation, each enterprise will have its own requirements when designing industrial buildings. This is an important basis for choosing the right type of factory and planning a reasonable construction plan. Therefore, enterprises need to clearly define the purpose of use for each area in particular and the whole factory in general.


The factory is the main production area, where workers are working and storing materials and products of the enterprise. Therefore, from the design process to the entire construction process, it is necessary to ensure safety, bearing capacity and meet the correct technical standards. At the same time, the level of environmental intrusion should be evaluated accurately to determine the durability of the building.

Industrial building design must meet the technical requirements (Source Pebsteel)

Sustainability and economics:

The process of constructing an industrial building can incur a lot of costs. Therefore, from the beginning, enterprises need to calculate the cost of raw materials and labor. Options to help shorten the construction time need to be studied and efficiency ensured. The cost of maintenance and remodeling when exploiting also needs to be controlled and planned in detail to design industrial buildings to be most suitable.

Selection of reliable construction units:

Currently, there are many organizations supporting the construction and construction of works. However, industrial buildings are massive-scale constructions and require high quality and technical requirements. Therefore, enterprises need to choose construction organizations and design industrial buildings with experience and expertise. Pebsteel is a global corporation providing prefabricated steel building solutions and steel structures with the goal of becoming the standard in the steel building industry. With more than 27 years of operation, the organization has affirmed its name and prestige through many large and small projects. It is estimated that Pebsteel has more than 6000 constructions in many countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Thailand … Besides, the organization also owns a strong team with more than 1,400 experienced engineers and experts, always dedicated and understanding customers. Therefore, you can safely choose Pebsteel as the construction organization of industrial buildings and other steel structure constructions.

Pebsteel – a pioneer in the construction and design of prefabricated buildings and steel structures

Pebsteel – a pioneer in the construction and design of prefabricated buildings and steel structures

Here’s some information about the industrial building. If you still have questions that need to be answered and designed to build an industrial building, please contact us at the following email: marketing@pebsteel.com.vn or phone number +84908 883531 for specific advice.


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