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Features and Applications of Hot Rolled Steel

Expert opinion - 30/08/2022

Hot rolled steel is a type of raw material in the construction industry. The product has high durability and bearing capacity. Hot rolled steel is used for fabricating, construction, mechanical fabricating …

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What is hot rolled steel?

Hot rolled steel is rolled steel which is produced according to the hot rolling process at a temperature of > 1000 degrees Celsius. The hot rolling process at high temperatures has transformed the original features and shape of the original used metal material.

What are the features of hot rolled steel?

Hot rolled steel has the following features:

  • The finished product has the original color of blue and black, has an oil ball and a thickness of > 0.9mm
  • Poor aesthetics. The side edge of the hot rolled steel is not the sharp edge, not neat but shaggy
  • Technical standards with average accuracy
  • Large tolerances
  • You can adjust the shape and size according to requirements.
  • Good load bearing capacity
  • Welding can be used to weld cracks when used at high temperatures
  • Can cause damage to steel ingot if the hot rolling technique is not reached
  • It can be used in the outside area, not affected by the environment. However, because of the corrosion and rust features, it is necessary to be coated with anti-corrosion, anti-rust coating to optimize the use of
  • The price is cheaper than cold rolled steel.

Application of hot rolled steel

In the construction of prefabricated buildings, hot rolled steel are common materials for creating steel in the shape of I, H, U, V,… From this shaped steel, there are components that create steel buildings, steel structures. Hot rolled steel is mainly used to make the mainframe part (columns, beams). Besides, hot rolled steel is widely applied in the manufacturing and mechanical manufacturing industries.

  • Fabricating small details of massive-sized products, machinery or equipment
  • Being raw materials for the production of steel pipes, civil pipelines (raw material pipes, gas conductions).
  • Industrial production industries using hot rolled steels: car manufacturing, rail manufacturing,…
Hot rolled steel is also used to continue producing cold rolled steel to create components such as purlins, roofing, frills, gutters,…
Hot rolled steel imported and stored at Pebsteel factory
Steel plates are discharged from hot rolled steel, then fabricated into synthetic steel to create a bearing frame system for steel buildings and Pebsteel steel structures.
A synthetic steel beam is fabricated by Pebsteel from hot rolled steel.

The above is information about hot rolled steel materials and practical features, applications. If you have questions that need to be answered, please contact at the following email marketing@pebsteel.com.vn or phone number +84 908 883531 for specific advice.


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