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What is the Crane? Classification and Application in Constructions

Expert opinion - 26/08/2022

The operation of factories is usually massive-scale. Therefore, the use of additional equipment and machinery to support the production process is necessary and interested by many businesses. In particular, cranes are quite popular equipment and appear in many factories but not every business understands this type of equipment. So what is a crane? What types of cranes are there? In the article below, Pebsteel would like to share the most general information about cranes for your business to refer to.

Cranes, gantry cranes bring many benefits to production activities (Source: Internet)

1. What is a crane?   

Cranes and gantry crane are two confusing definitions because they are quite similar. Most people will be more familiar with the gantry crane because it is often used outdoors. This device is often used at construction sites and has the use of lifting, supporting, moving materials, concrete

The crane also has almost the same function as the gantry crane. However, the biggest difference is that the crane is only used to move goods inside factories and factories.

Specifically, a crane is a lifting device consisting of two main movements: horizontal and vertical based on the design of the working space of the factory. This device is active on the support beam system. The installation position is at the top of the factory with a lift of 1-500 tons. Therefore, it can easily load and stack a variety of goods, heavy and bulky materials.

2. Classification of cranes

In the market, there are many types of cranes for businesses to consider according to their needs and production features. The classification method is quite diverse, can be divided by a number of criteria:

  • Categorized by category:
  • Single Beam Crane
  • Double beam crane.
  • Classification by mobile drive:
  • Electric drive gantry crane: drive mechanism through electric motor (Electric cable hoist, electric chain palang…)
  • Manual drive gantry crane: drive structure due to hand-pull winch system (hand-pulled chain disc system…)
  • Classification by beam structure
  • Box beam structure.
  • Truss beam structure.
  • Structure of a main beam (Hanging Beam)
  • Structure of two main beams (Double Beams)
  • Classification by the using environment of the crane:
  • Cranes for port cranes: required to withstand massive loads, have the ability to lift heavy and bulky goods.
  • Cranes for steel factories, metallurgy: Requires high temperature resistance, withstands harsh environment.
  • Explosion prevention crane: requires durability, firmness, used in a fire-prone environment such as gas factories, coal furnace pits.
  • Cranes used in hydroelectric power factories.
  • Cranes used in the light industry.
  • The crane has a specialized structure for a number of special industries: magnetic magnets, gyrus.

3. Outstanding application of cranes

Today, cranes are more widely used in factories and factories. The equipment brings many benefits to the mining and production activities of the enterprise. Particularly:

Flexibility and ease of adjustment

One of the most prominent advantages of the crane is the ability to operate in many different positions horizontally and vertically. Depending on the needs of use, the investor can adjust and change the position of the equipment without affecting the efficiency of work.

Efficiency, high productivity

Factories usually have a large scale of operation. If you only use labor, the productivity achieved is quite low. The application of cranes as labor support tools will significantly improve the production process. In particular, the factory space often has many obstacles and utensils on the ground. Therefore, the use of cranes will be more convenient for the process of moving heavy objects, rapid operations, and less damage to goods.


The cost of the crane is not a small number. But if you compare the cost of equipment with the labor cost spent to carry out the transfer, the business can save a significant amount. Cranes can replace a large number of human resources, part of transport equipment such as forklifts, cargo trucks … Rapid operation, saving time and implementation process will help businesses increase production capacity. Besides, the equipment also has a long life and maintenance costs are low. Therefore, using cranes is a solution that is both effective and highly economical for businesses.

Using cranes helps businesses save a lot of costs (Source: pebsteel)


The goods and items in the factory are usually quite bulky. The process of traveling is easy to cause damage, and also potentially dangerous for workers. Therefore, enterprises should consider using cranes to ensure safety for production.

With the outstanding advantages mentioned above, it can be seen that the crane has a very diverse range of applications. In fact, most industries today from automobile assembly, mechanical processing, printing, appare,… They all want to move the heavy, bulky goods and materials. Accordingly, cranes can be put into use at factories of these industries, supporting labor and improving productivity for businesses

4. Some crane systems in Pebsteel’s constructions

As a pioneer in the construction of prefabricated industrial buildings and steel structures, Pebsteel clearly sees the optimal benefits when installing cranes. Therefore, in many constructions, the organization has applied to put equipment into installation, bringing high efficiency of use. However, if the installation of the crane system is not considered in the first place, especially in prefabricated steel buildings, it will cause many inconveniences, wasting and reducing the operational efficiency of the equipment. Therefore, the investor needs to have careful calculations right from the first stages of construction.

Pebsteel is ready to be a companion to you, bringing the most complete and suitable factories and industrial buildings. With more than 25 years of experience and a team of experienced engineers, we understand and master the criteria and requirements to ensure in each stage of construction. Therefore, you can be assured and trustworthy to choose the services at Pebsteel.

Information about the cost when you need to equip the crane system in the prefabricated steel building includes:

  1.  Reinforcing and increasing the load capacity of the main frame system
  2.  Supply of crane border beams and beam racks
  3.  Supply and installation of crane rails
  4.  Supply, installation and operation of crane system

In particular, Pebsteel is responsible for the implementation of the (1) and (2) categories. The remaining two categories will be handled by other specialized organizations. Here are some crane systems in Pebsteel’s construction for you to refer to:

It is necessary to carefully calculate the quantity when installing cranes in the steel structure building (Source: Pebsteel)
Crane design in Pebsteel’s prefabricated steel building

Above is the information related to the crane. If you still have questions that need to be answered and design the construction of civil steel frame buildings, please contact at the following email: marketing@pebsteel.com.vn or phone number +84 908 883531 for specific advice.


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