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Steel Structure Construction Quotation Process – June 2022

Expert opinion - 23/08/2022

In the construction of steel structures, the strict process is the guideline to help ensure the progress and quality of the construction. In Pebsteel, the steel structure construction process applies the prescribed quality standards to all construction. Let’s refer to the article below about the construction process and steel structure quotes.

Image of steel component fabrication factory in Pebsteel

1.Steel structure construction process

Pebsteel’s standard process for providing prefabricated steel buildings and steel structures consists of 7 steps:

Step 1: Brainstorming

Based on the customer’s requirements, Pebsteel will propose implementation ideas that ensure professionalism and suit the actual situation. This is the first phase that Pebsteel approaches the project. Therefore, to ensure that the ideas are close to the needs, it is extremely important to learn information and understand the needs of customers.

Car assembly factory project (Source: Pebsteel)

Step 2: Proposing a solution

After proposing the idea, Pebsteel proceeded to propose further solutions to realize the approved ideas. The proposed solutions are detailed with the following categories:

  • Design
  • Manufacturing – fabrication
  • Installation
  • Cost
  • Implementation time
Pebsteel always listens to customers’ opinions and proposes optimal solutions

Step 3: Signing a contract and implementing the project

After the Idea and Solution Section is approved by the customer, Pebsteel proceeds to signing the contract and implementing the project according to the agreement.

The contract drafted by Pebsteel is always guaranteed legality and separation of the cost of steel structure quotes with the consent of the customer.

Step 4: Building a technical drawing

A team of Pebsteel engineers and technicians with professional qualifications and practical experience began to carry out the construction of technical drawings according to the latest international standards.

Experienced team of engineers and technicians at Pebsteel

Step 5: Fabricating

The fabricating process begins based on the completed technical drawing. Pebsteel owns a modern machinery line to ensure the processing of all kinds of components as required by the project.

Component processing stages at Pebsteel:

  • Steel cutting
  • Automatic welding
  • Surface cleaning
  • Surface Metal Spray
  • Surface protection paint
  • Galvanized, alloy-protected plating
The construction of steel structures is strictly controlled in terms of technical and finished product quality

Step 6: Rapid and secure installation process

The fabricated components are carefully packed and transported to the construction for installation. The installation item is carried out by a team of skilled workers. All installation stages are closely supervised by the construction engineer to ensure the quality, schedule and safety of the project.

After the fabricating of the components are completed, the steel will be brought to the construction site for quick construction and ensure the 

Step 7: Warranty

All steel structure construction projects carried out by Pebsteel are subject to a warranty policy. This is the privilege of benefits that Pebsteel gives to customers and partners. Accordingly, the warranty policy includes:

  • 2 years for material warranty
  • 3 years for anti-leak warranty
  • 10 years for structural warranty

The warranty policy is developed and applied by Pebsteel to optimize the benefits of customers, increase the efficiency of use and extend the life of the building. Meanwhile, this is also a factor to affirming the service quality that Pebsteel provides.

Pebsteel’s construction process consists of 7 steps.

2. Things to keep in mind during construction

Same with other kinds of construction, when the prefabricated steel buildings are being constructed, there are many things to keep in mind to ensure the quality and safety of the constructions.

Protective Clothing Gear

General requirements include neat, appropriate clothing and fully equipped with labor protective gears. Depending on the work category, protective clothing is equipped differently to support the safe and efficient of the construction process

  • Overhead activities: helmets, reflective protective clothing, shoes, gloves, seat belts, safety glasses …
  • Activities at the ground: helmets, reflective protective clothing, shoes, gloves …

In addition, at the project, it is necessary to always be fully equipped with lifesaving ropes, safety nets, scaffolding, forklifts …

Term of space and time of construction

Actively monitor the weather as well as activities related to the constructions when carrying out the construction of steel structures.

It is not allowed to be constructed when the weather has strong winds and heavy rain affecting visibility as well as limiting the use of cranes.

It is not allowed to be constructed when the constructions have concentrated activities of people outside the tasks and airspace.

Following the rules on construction quality and construction sequence

All departments and positions that participate in the construction of steel structures take on different roles. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure compliance with the implementation rule that applies to those departments and positions. In particular, the issue of construction sequence should be monitored to ensure the highest quality and safety for the whole construction. 

The fact that individuals and departments arbitrarily misrepresent the construction sequence can cause serious consequences.

Always follow the instructions of the engineer who manages the quality of the work

Engineers who manage the quality of constructions have an important role when constructing prefabricated steel buildings and steel structures. All instructions and directions from engineers should be taken seriously. The arising should be discussed instead of arbitrarily handled because there is a risk and unsafe for the building.

Some notes on the steel structure construction process (Source: Pebsteel)

3. Steel structure quotation

Here is the construction category edition

ONConstruction categoryBasic building materials of prefabricated factoriesProducts that Pebsteel offers
1Foundation structureReinforced concrete, foundation structure layer, background paint layerNone
2Main frame systemIncluding truss frames, bracing systems, column bracing, roof bracing, purlin bracing) and foundation bonding bolts (anchor bolts).The truss without middle column, the roof system, the one-roof truss, PebHybird truss, lean-to truss, the curved combination truss, the multi-space truss.
3Corrugated roofing steel systemCorrugated steel roof type, corrugated steel wall type, material, surface treatment (color coating plating or galvanized / aluminum-zinc-magnesium alloy)Corrugated steel types: LokSeam, PebLiner, PebDek, PebSeam128, PebWall, PebRoofCorrugated steel materials: AluPeb, GalvaPeb, Hyper180, PebLeed, Silver180, Alu-Zinc, PebInsul, PebFoamCorrugated steel colors: Alumin, BlueTooth, Green Tea, Opal Green, PEB Blue, White Cream
4Substructure systemRoof, sideways, ventilation system, crane,…Canopy, Decorative Facade, Crane, Roof Top Ventilation, Grainy Steel Plate, Ladder, Grating Floor Panel, Stair Handrail, Stairs, Walkway, Roof, Mezzanine Conjugate Floor…
5AccessoriesFoundation bonding bolts, bonding component, accessories that increase aesthetics and construction lifeBolts, screws, roof frills, angular frills, louvers, eavestrough, gutters, 

To get a detailed steel structure quote, please contact at the following email marketing@pebsteel.com.vn or phone number +84 908 883531 for quick assistance.

4. Pebsteel – Quality prefabricated building construction organization in Vietnam

Pebsteel is a leading organization in the sector of steel structure construction in the Vietnam market. With European standard quality, Pebsteel’s products and services are chosen by a large number of trusted partners and customers.

Pebsteel – Prestigious steel structure construction organization in Vietnam

Pebsteel has carried out steel structural projects for: 

  • The factory of assembling cars, shoes, garments,…
  • Factory
  • Warehouse
  • Farm…

With a team of quality engineers and a team of skilled workers, Pebsteel affirms that it has the full capacity to meet all the needs of steel structure construction, prefabricated steel buildings of all scales. In parallel with the quality of service provided, Pebsteel is also committed to always applying warranty policies to ensure the benefits of customers and partners.

Pebsteel’s constructions are always carried out by the process of constructing steel structures in a serious and methodical way. If the customer still has questions that need to be answered, or the advice on steel structure quotes please contact at the following email marketing@pebsteel.com.vn or phone number +84 908 883531 for specific advice.

Frequently asked questions about steel structure construction

How many steps does the steel structure quotation process consist of?

Consulting & Providing preliminary drawings: Pebsteel will conduct an understanding of the detailed needs of customers to be able to implement the preliminary drawing design and propose solutions and materials with steel structure quotation proposals.

Contracting: After the client consults and accepts the proposal, Pebsteel will proceed to complete the contract and the necessary legal procedures.

After signing the contract: Pebsteel will proceed to develop detailed technical drawings for the production, processing and installation.

What categories does the unit price of steel structure include?

The unit price will depend on each construction category such as:

– Foundation structure

– Main frame system

– Corrugated steel system

– Sub-structural system

– Accessories


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