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Company News - 13/11/2023

Pebsteel Marks Steel Building 29th Anniversary – New Growth Ahead

This year marks Pebsteel’s 29th anniversary of pioneering the steel industry with constant growth and innovation. Pebsteel was founded on November 14, 1994, as a one-stop provider from design and fabrication to installation for pre-engineered buildings and structural steel. For its 29-year history, Pebsteel has grown exponentially, with 7...


Pre Engineered Steel Building - 12/07/2024

What Is a Green Building? The Goal of Green Building in Prefabricated Steel Buildings Construction

As natural resources become more scarce due to climate change, green buildings are becoming more and more popular as eco-friendly architecture and design options. Prefabricated steel building construction can profit economically from the application of the green building model, which also helps to safeguard the environment and advance sustainable...


Company News - 01/07/2024


In June, Pebsteel had an emotional and memorable company trip to Quy Nhon. It was not only a vacation but also an opportunity for members to bond and reflect on Pebsteel’s journey. The company trip brought not only joy but also a deeper understanding and connection among members. The...


Warehouse & Factory Construction - 26/06/2024

6 Reasons to choose prefabricated steel frames when constructing industrial buildings

With the industrial sector’s expansion, the demand for constructing industrial facilities is on the rise. However, selecting appropriate materials and construction methods remains a persistent challenge for many investors. Prefabricated steel structures are gaining popularity as an optimal solution due to their exceptional advantages in durability, aesthetic appeal, construction...


Pre Engineered Steel Building - 26/06/2024

Applications of Prefab Steel Buildings in the Food Industry

The food industry demands optimal construction solutions to cater to the needs of safe, efficient food production, storage, and distribution. Prefab steel buildings have emerged as a frontrunner in this industry, offering a compelling combination of structural excellence, flexibility, high load-bearing capacity, and cost-effectiveness. This article delves into the...


Pre Engineered Steel Building - 17/06/2024

7 Considerations When Choosing Steel Materials for Prefabricated Steel Buildings
Prefabricated steel buildings are increasingly favored for their flexibility, rapid construction, and cost-effectiveness. However, ensuring quality and durability for the structure requires a careful selection of suitable steel materials....

Pre Engineered Steel Building - 15/05/2024

Pre-engineered steel building applications in agricultural construction
The agricultural sector in Vietnam is experiencing robust development, necessitating the application of modern, efficient, and cost-effective construction solutions. Pre-engineered buildings have emerged as an optimal choice for agricultural...

Pre Engineered Steel Building - 20/10/2023

5 Ways To Reduce The Heat On Corrugated Iron Roof
The factories with roofs made of corrugated iron regularly face the common issue of the interior becoming excessively hot during the summer. Therefore, businesses need to implement reasonable measures...

Pre Engineered Steel Building - 25/08/2023

Price Quotes For Pre-engineered Steel Building Construction 2024
Pre-engineered buildings are a superior solution for businesses when building factories, warebuildings, factories, or other structures. In the construction industry, having an accurate and up-to-date quote is important to...

Pre Engineered Steel Building - 23/09/2022

Pre-Engineered Building: Applications, Cost and Models 2024
Pre-engineered buildings (PEB) or Prefabricated steel buildings are becoming increasingly common in civil projects due to their many benefits over conventional reinforced concrete homes. Steel buildings may be quickly...

Pre Engineered Steel Building - 31/08/2022

Prefabricated Steel Factories: Current Construction Trends
The trend for construction and design of pre-engineered steel factories is currently being chosen by many enterprises and companies due to outstanding advantages that the construction brings. Join Pebsteel...

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