PEB Steel Gets Breakthrough By A 17- Floor Building In The Philippines

May 11, 2015

PEB Steel continues to be the leader in innovation. PEB Steel is proud to design, fabricate and supply a 17 floors steel building (total 2 buildings) in Manila, Philippines. This is considered unique in the Pre-Engineered Buildings (P.E.B) Industry as the P.E.B concept is usually applied for 1 to 7 floors maximum. The 2 office buildings were designed to withstand a 250km per hour of wind speed. Top Japanese consultants were asked to study and approve P.E.B design and manufacturing for this unique project.

The 17-floor office building constructed by PEB Steel in Manila, Philippines

A 17 floors steel building in Manila, Philippines

The 17 floors steel building is a state-of-the-art development with multi-function space including office space, entertainment area, and car parking. The columns were painted red while the rest in grey to bring a magnificent look.