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What is louver? Outstanding features of the louver

Expert opinion - 26/08/2022

The louver belongs to the ventilation system, which helps to reduce the accumulation of dirt, high temperature and unpleasant odors inside the building. Louver contributes to creating fresh, clean and safe air for machines and humans. Join Pebsteel to refer to the outstanding features of the louver in the article below.

Louver products installed by Pebsteel in prefabricated factories

Introduction of the Louver

The louver is also known as the louver door. This is a component that is jointly installed with the ventilation pipes of buildings with the aim of reducing the accumulation of dust, reducing temperature and eliminating unpleasant odors. The main shape of the louver is in the form of a frame, the louver leaves are tilted to create a circulation direction for the wind as well as participate in taking natural light.

The composition of the louver consists of: steel frame and louver leaves. Materials used to produce louvers are usually alloys, galvanized steel, aluminum for the steel frame. The louver leaves are usually made from metal.

The louver manufacturing process includes:

  • Size information confirmation and ingredients selection
  • Make a design plan with the thinness or thickness of the louver leaves and steel frame.
  • Material preparation
  • Assembled at the fabricating factory.
  • Powder coating covers the surface according to the needs of use.
  • Transportation and installation at the construction site.

Louver is used for many types of constructions from houses to factories, workshops. The installation location is usually in the wind doors, supply air grill

Engineers installing wind at Pebsteel’s buildings

The outstanding features of the louver

Louvers and ventilation systems are used to bring airflow to the building. In addition, louver is also used by its features:

  • Cooling the atmosphere: the ability to regulate the airflow of the louver helps to reduce the temperature significantly. The temperature is constantly balanced between the inside and outside of the building.
  • Air cleaning and dirt removing: The louver leaves can adjust the amplitude to participate in air cleaning, removing dirt before bringing new air flow into the inside of the building. Along with the other part of the ventilation system, the air is basically cleaned from the beginning.
  • Blocking or getting the light according to the need: Thanks to the structure of the louver which can adjust the amplitude of the same angle that blocking light or taking more light from the outside is done easily. With this feature, the building easily meets the requirements of the light. Arbitrarily restrict or illuminate the spots proactively.
  • Natural oxygen supply: From housing structures to factories, workshops, regularly rotated oxygen sources are important. These louver leaves are likened to artificial lungs, which regularly circulate oxygen sources for the entire interior space of the building.
  • Convenience: Louver is designed according to the needs of use so the installation is easy and not too complicated.
  • Economical: Due to the design as required, it will ensure the purpose of use and not cause waste. The source of used materials is cheap, so the price of the finished products is optimized.
  • Aesthetics: Louver also contributes to the aesthetics of the building. The design of the building is complete with full of functionality, creating conditions for stable operation activities according to actual needs.
Pebsteel’s louver products

Application of louver in buildings

From most, the wind is used to make ventilation and ventilation systems for various types of buildings. The product is called anise door, supply air grill. Practical application at popular points:

  • Air conditioning inside factories and workshops.
  • Pipe house architecture air conditioning
  • Ventilation for residential basements, shopping centers, buildings …
  • Sanitary ventilation.
  • Ventilation of stairs and corridors to control smoke and dust.
(Source: Internet)

When constructing, to ensure the efficiency that the louver brings, it is necessary to pay attention to the installation spot. The louver helps the air to ventilate, removes dirt and reduces temperature steadily. Therefore, when installing louvers, it is necessary to install symmetrically to ensure the way in and out of the airflow.

For houses or factories, it is necessary to determine which louver will catch the wind, which louver will release the wind to create the best effect. Some spots where the louver is placed outside need to ensure rain shielding. The constructions also enhance the air convection and can use additional rotating spheres placed on the roof.

Here’s the information related to the louver. One of the parts used in prefabricated steel buildings. Thanks to the louver, the atmosphere of the building is airy, safe for machines and humans. If the customer has questions that need to be answered, please contact at the following the email marketing@pebsteel.com or the phone number +84 908 883531 for specific advice.


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