Pre-engineered Buildings (P.E.B.) Advantages


Pre-engineered Buildings (P.E.B.) Advantages


Welding is done by professional welders

1/ Low initial cost due to:

– The use of tapered built-up structural members (Columns & Rafters);
– The use of Z-shape secondary members (Purlins & Girts) that allows overlapping;
– Foundation are fewer and lighter.


2/ Superior Product Quality:


Loading to jobsite

– Design Quality is consistent and is based on latest design in U.S Codes.
– Welding is done by professional welders.
– Materials are ordered as per recognized standard.
– Fabrication is done as per quality plan.


3/ Fast Project Construction: 


Roll forming at jobsite

– Anchor bolt is delivered earlier than the building.
– Building is fabricated and delivered within a short period time due to standardization.
– Fast erection schedule because all members are connecting by bolt and nut.



4/ Functional Versatility: Modular construction.


Erection by PEB Steel

– Large clear spans, up to 180m.
– Long Bay Spacing, up to 15m without Jack Beams.
– Building is easily expandable on all sides (allowing for future expansion).



5/ Architectural Flexibility: 


Completed Project

– Aesthetic features such as fascias, parapets and curved eaves greatly improve the appearance of the building.
– Flashing and trims are available in different shapes and colors.
– A wide range of wall and roof sheeting.
– Readily available interface details between steel and other materials (glazing, block wall, curtain wall, etc.).


6/ Low Maintenance and Operating Costs:

– Virtually no maintenance required for all panels.
– Roof requires only periodic cleaning.
– Annual washing of eave gutters.
– Watertight roofs.
– Energy efficient roof and wall systems through usage of insulation.