SAMI Kteily
Executive Chairman

SAMI obtained a degree in Business Administration from AUB (the American University of Beirut) in 1978. He later underwent his Chartered Accountancy training in London, UK, while employed by the international audit firm of Arthur Andersen. Following that he joined the internal audit department of the UK based Abela Group of companies, where he remained until he established his financial concern, specializing in trade finance & forfeiting.

Early in 1994, Mr. Sami visited Vietnam to explore the business opportunities presented by this beautiful country of hospitable people. In those days, few investors were able to hear the stirring of the sleeping tiger that was soon to leap up onto the world stage and become a strong industrial force to be reckoned with. Sami heard it and heard it very clear.

This is how PEB Steel started in Vietnam in 1994, then expanded to neighboring countries Thailand, India, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Today, PEB Steel is a major player in the design and fabrication of pre-engineered buildings with its products reaching all corners of the world!

Mr. Sami was elected three times (2008-2011) as the President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam.

Sami is the father of two boys Nour and Khaled, both graduated from McGill university then Harvard university. Dr. Nour is a professor at Kellogg school of management at North Western University in Chicago. Khaled is the founder and CEO of – a healthcare company based in Boston.

ADIB Kouteili
Co-Founder & Director

ADIB, is a holder of Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.), major Mechanical, from the American University of Beirut (AUB) in 1983.

Started his working career with CCC, the largest construction & engineering firm in the Middle East from 1983. He worked as a site & workshop engineer in Kuwait & Yemen in 2 refineries projects.

In 1988, Adib joined Kirby Building Systems as the manager of their office in Qatar, The Job involved sales & customer service of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings. Following that, Adib joined Zamil Steel as the manager of their offices in Qatar, Malaysia & Vietnam from 1990. Adib was instrumental in establishing Zamil Steel as a brand name for the Pre-Engineered Building Industry in South East Asia.

In Late 1994, Adib & Sami became the founders of the PEB Group, where Adib remains key in making the company the success it is today, boasting a total sales of 5,500 steel buildings around the world.

In 2017, at the age of 56, Adib achieved a long-delayed dream to study MBA. He completed a 20 months EMBA program from UQAM University (The Université du Québec à Montréal).

Adib always believed in applying the following principles while working with others:

  • BELIEVE that You can do it, and You will do it.
  • Anyone who brings a problem has to lead in finding the solution.
  • Nothing is Impossible.