PEB Steel Myanmar factory starts production


MYANMAR – PEB Steel Myanmar factory starts its operation in early of 2018. Its operation highlights the new development of PEB Steel in Yangon, Myanmar and in Asia generally.


The 30,000 sqm factory locates in Thilawa Special Economic Zone (TSEZ), built with the latest advanced technologies and designs to make itself differentiate from competitors. By using the revolutionary PEB HybridTM for rafters and mezzanine joists, new ventilation (R.V 5 meters) and insulation systems, and an eco-friendly painting line that guarantees that the building will achieve LEED certification.


The factory is truly state-of-the-art and includes machinery like cut-to-length and splitting lines that you will never see in steel building factories in the area.

PEB Steel’s motto is to create win-win solutions for everyone involved so the firm strives to deepen its partnership with all stakeholders in Myanmar. Leveraging its extensive experience garnered through iconic developments in Vietnam and in the region, PEB Steel is committed to sharing know-how and best practices with partners and local government.