"Bước phát triển của PEB tại Myanmar" - Nhịp Cầu Đầu Tư Magazine, June 2017



"PEB goes big in Myanmar" - Vietnam Investment Review, No. 1340, June 2017


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Kenda Rubber Vietnam has built its second factory in Giang Dien Industrial park


VIET NAM  Kenda Rubber Vietnam has built its second factory in Giang Dien Industrial Park of Dong Nai province in southern Vietnam.


The new factory covers more than 100,000 square meters of land and uses approximately 5,000 metric tons of steel structures, making it the biggest project in Giang Dien Industrial Park as well as Kenda’s biggest project in Vietnam.

Kenda Vietnam - peb steel

Kenda Rubber Vietnam specializes in manufacturing tires for cars, motorcycles, and bicycles predominately for export around the world and the local market inclusive.

Kenda Vietnam - peb steel

PEB Steel is proud to be awarded for the design, fabrication, erection of steel structures contract for this new factory. We are now building a very sleek and swanky rubber tire factory for Kenda in Vietnam.

Manila Bay Resorts and its impressive curved corridor

PHILIPPINES  Manila Bay Resorts located in the Entertainment City of Parañaque, is an integrated resort development consisting of three hotels with 2,100 luxury rooms, casino, water feature park and a retail mall with the entertainment complex.

With a total built-up area of 690,000 square meters, the Manila Bay project is an extremely complex project with very demanding curved corridor design which makes it look so luxury, like the center point of a prosperous city,

PEB Steel is proud to be chosen as the steel structure supplier for the curved corridor project. Our commitments enable us to deliver another impressive project and continuously achieving new break-throughs in PEB designs.


BSRM - A sophisticated steel mill project in Bangladesh

BANGLADESH  BSRM is a sophisticated steel mill project in the heavy industry of Bangladesh. The total weight of this project is 5,000 MT with laced columns, making BSRM the biggest project in its area. The project consists of megastructure and mega components, not only make it look huge but also ensure firmness.

PEB Steel completed its BSRM Phase One project in 2006. Through our continuous delivering of high-quality steel structures and best-in-class customer services, BSRM has once again called upon PEB Steel to work on its Phase Two project. This signified another long-term partnership between PEB Steel and BSRM.


Pre-Engineered Buildings workshop at University of Education and Technology (UTE)


HO CHI MINH – On the 25th of May 2017, PEB Steel had the big honor to visit and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with University of Education and Technology in Thu Duc district, Vietnam.

We organized a pre-engineered steel building (P.E.B) workshop for students from the civil engineering faculty and presented scholarships to outstanding students worth a total value of 36 million VND. We also presented a mock-up pre-engineered steel building model to the university.


Warmly welcomed by teachers and more than 200 students, we were fascinated by the friendly atmosphere. Mr. ADIB Kouteili, Managing Director of PEB Steel, was amazed by the spontaneous and knowledge of the students, especially where many of them have not finished their first academic year yet. He emphasized their high possibility of success when being more confident and to develop their soft skills. He also encouraged them to try harder in building academic knowledge and improving language skills.

During the workshop, students had the opportunity to learn some general knowledge about pre-engineered steel building, some of the advanced technologies and future trends of the industry. Students were active throughout the workshop and many questions were raised during the questions and answers session.

PEB Steel believes that these activities are useful to students in their studies and their future careers. We hope that our continued cooperation to hold such event will be beneficial for students in the future.

PEB Steel on the stage of GDA 2016: Once again honored as the stand-out performer


HA NOI – April 08, 2017, Golden Dragon Award celebrated its 16th year as the first-class award in Vietnam; in which, PEB Steel is proud to be in the list of its awarded enterprises objectively evaluated in various economic and social aspects, for the fifth time. Within the space of the luxurious JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi, PEB Steel representative – Mr. Nabil Khalaf was invited on stage for PEB’s effort in delivering “Best Products” to the market.

Nabil stand

Mr. Nabil Khalaf – Plants Manager, is receiving Testimonial and Crystal Medal for “Best Products” Award

This fifth year of being recognized in the list of excellent companies gives PEB Steel the pride to have a claim to our best quality and second-to-none engineering services.

Thanks to such precious chance, PEB Steel was enjoying a wonderful time meeting other dedicated foreign and local businesses, to share and exchange business ideas together with our latest technology in product and process innovation.

Standing with CEOs from other 60 foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs), such as Samsung Vietnam, Chinfon Cement, Deloitte Vietnam, Unilever, and Honda, and 100 local enterprises in the theme of “Efficient Business Production Associated with Environmental Protection”, PEB Steel is delighted to know that the company strategy Green for life emphasizing on the importance of environmental-friendly materials is a significant step in the right direction to strengthen the leading position.


Certificate for the “Best Product”

Ky niem chuong ngang web

Crystal medal represents PEB Steel’s fifth achievement

“This recognition is considered from many perspectives, such as production and business activities, service provision, application of technological solutions for environmental protection, full implementation of tax obligations, ensuring employee rights, and actively participating in social activities.” (Vietnam Economic Times, 2017)

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Visiting house of blind people in Cu Chi province

HO CHI MINH – At PEB Steel, we have social activities which are chances to show our care for society and raise awareness of social responsibility widespread among people.

This year, we came back to visit House for the Blind in Phu Hoang Dong hamlet, Cu Chi district. About 100 elderly and orphans are living together in a rental tiny old house which is difficult for those people to meet their needs.

PEB Steel has delivered essential commodities as well as happiness and joyful moments. We will continue to implement those activities for society contribution and hope to stimulate others as well.

Some photos during the trip


PEB Myanmar factory is ready soon


MYANMAR  It has been over 20 years since PEB Steel first came to Vietnam. Along with our partners, the company has gained tremendous achievements through the years.

We are pleased to inform that our new factory in Myanmar will be ready soon. Located in Thilawa Special Economic Zone (TSEZ), this 30,000 sqm new factory will be equipped with the latest advanced technologies and designs such as PEB Hybrid systems, PEBFoam insulation, Ridge Ventilation RV5.0. The total investment of twenty-five million dollars will make this new factory the most impressive project in TSEZ.


PEB Steel is proud to mark another milestone in our journey. We are thankful to all our loyal partners for their continuous supports and looking forward to achieving more greater successes together in Myanmar.