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"Bước phát triển của PEB tại Myanmar" - Forbes Magazine, August 2017



PEB Steel wins award from Ben Tre's government


PEB Steel joined Ben Tre’s Investment Promotion Conference on July 20th, 2017. The Dong Khoi Start-ups and Development Enterprises programme in Ben Tre province was launched to boost economic growth and alleviate poverty. It also promotes key local products, especially in the agriculture sector.

Ben Tre’s Investment Promotion Conference was an important part of the programme. It was an occasion for calling investment in 63 projects in 11 sectors including renewable energy, eco-tourism, building infrastructure for industrial parks, high-tech agricultural and aquatic products processing, building urban areas and trade centres and solid and water waste treatment.

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Photo: Mr. Adib Kouteili (on the right) are talking with Prime Minister of VietNam, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc (on the left)

Meeting Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc at the conference, Mr. Adib Kouteili, Managing Director of PEB Steel got warmly compliment for social contributions and particularly for Ben Tre Development programme.


Photo: Mr. Adib Kouteili, Managing Director at PEB Steel (in the middle) are receiving Donation Plaque

PEB Steel joined this conference and donated 500 millions VND. We expect this would contribute to promote spirit of innovation in management and concentrate financial resources on resolving local development difficulties and improving local living standards.


Photo: Donation Plaque by People’s Committee of  Ben Tre Province

During 24 years in Vietnam, PEB Steel always is always  committed for the society and the country. We totally support meaningful activities as The Dong Khoi Start-up and Development Enterprises programme. Together with other parties, we are looking forward to contributing for building a better life in Vietnam.

"Bước phát triển của PEB tại Myanmar" - Nhịp Cầu Đầu Tư Magazine, June 2017



"PEB goes big in Myanmar" - Vietnam Investment Review, No. 1340, June 2017


VIR - June 2017 - cover pageVIR - June 2017 - inside page

PEB goes big in Myanmar


PEB Steel extends its regional reach to Myanmar with a $25 million investment in the latest steel manufacturing facility, capitalizing on the country’s booming construction industry.

The facility, located in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone, has a total fabrication capacity of 30,000 tonnes per year. Measuring more than 30,000 square meters in size, the facility will fabricate pre-engineered steel buildings and heavy steel structures to serve the high demand for industrial construction.

PEB Steel is investing in Myanmar to supply high-grade steel to the region

The flow of foreign direct investment (FDI) into Myanmar has been on the rise since the US and Myanmar normalized diplomatic ties in 2012. This has fueled increased spending on industrial developments including factories and other buildings.

We see a lot of demand from the local market because most of the steel is imported from China. The new factory gives PEB Steel an edge to supply high-quality steel to foreign investors in Myanmar with competitive prices and faster delivery,” said Sami Kteily, executive chairman of PEB Steel.

Mr. Sami Kteily, executive chairman (on the left) and Adib Kouteili, managing director of PEB Steel, are discussing a major expansion into Myanmar’s manufacturing industry.

He is upbeat on the outlook of the new investment as “Myanmar is comparable to Vietnam’s status 20 years ago, with a gradual opening up of the government and an abundance of low-cost labor. PEB Steel has secured a firm presence in Vietnam over the past 23 years so we are inspired to replicate this success in Myanmar.”

In fact, PEB Steel has a strong track record of delivering high quality, iconic developments across the region, including the tallest tower Fatty Acid in Indonesia with a height of 68 metres, the widest 128 metres clear span Lufthansa Hangar in Philippines and the longest building FCB Warehouse in Thailand with one kilometer in total length. In the future, PEB Steel aims to set up a new benchmark for its first Myanmar factory.

To differentiate itself from the crowd, PEB Steel has installed state-of-the-art technology in the factory including an improved Ridge Ventilator 5.0 system, PEBFoamTM for high-performance thermal insulation, and PEBHybridTM for Rafter and Mezzanine Joists. All of the greatest technological innovations will not only expand production capacity but also promote an eco-friendly manufacturing process.

To differentiate itself from the crowd, PEB Steel new factory was built using the revolutionary PEB HybridTM for rafters and mezzanine joists, new ventilation and insulation systems, and an eco-friendly painting line that guarantees that the building will achieve LEED certification. The factory is truly state-of-the-art and includes machinery like cut to length and slitting lines that you do not usually find in steel building factories.

PEB Steel eyes to align the Myanmar factory with other facilities in the region to lower production costs while tailoring products to customer needs. The latest investment marks a greater penetration into Myanmar and Southeast Asia for the company.

As part of the group’s broad strategy to extend its regional footprint, PEB Steel opened a representative office in Myanmar in 2008. After nine years of operation, the company broke ground on its first factory in Myanmar in 2016.

PEB Steel sees that Myanmar has ample potential for long-term investments as the manufacturing sector is expanding at a solid pace. The country is poised to see huge public investments in new transport infrastructure in the coming years. The government will stimulate infrastructure upgrades under the national transport master plan, which will boost demand for quality steel.

Meanwhile, Myanmar is modernizing the financial system and information technology infrastructure in the face of its rapid economic growth. The government has offered plenty of incentives and streamlined the procedures to woo foreign investors. Driven by all the positives on offer, PEB Steel will continue its efforts to contribute to the country’s growing economy.

Kteily stressed that PEB Steel’s maxim is to create win-win solutions for everyone involved so the firm strives to deepen its partnership with all stakeholders in Myanmar. Leveraging its extensive experience garnered through iconic developments in Vietnam and in the region, PEB Steel is committed to sharing know-how and best practices with partners and local government.

Kenda Rubber Vietnam has built its second factory in Giang Dien Industrial park


VIET NAM  Kenda Rubber Vietnam has built its second factory in Giang Dien Industrial Park of Dong Nai province in southern Vietnam.


The new factory covers more than 100,000 square meters of land and uses approximately 5,000 metric tons of steel structures, making it the biggest project in Giang Dien Industrial Park as well as Kenda’s biggest project in Vietnam.

Kenda Vietnam - peb steel

Kenda Rubber Vietnam specializes in manufacturing tires for cars, motorcycles, and bicycles predominately for export around the world and the local market inclusive.

Kenda Vietnam - peb steel

PEB Steel is proud to be awarded for the design, fabrication, erection of steel structures contract for this new factory. We are now building a very sleek and swanky rubber tire factory for Kenda in Vietnam.

Manila Bay Resorts and its impressive curved corridor

PHILIPPINES  Manila Bay Resorts located in the Entertainment City of Parañaque, is an integrated resort development consisting of three hotels with 2,100 luxury rooms, casino, water feature park and a retail mall with the entertainment complex.

With a total built-up area of 690,000 square meters, the Manila Bay project is an extremely complex project with very demanding curved corridor design which makes it look so luxury, like the center point of a prosperous city,

PEB Steel is proud to be chosen as the steel structure supplier for the curved corridor project. Our commitments enable us to deliver another impressive project and continuously achieving new break-throughs in PEB designs.


BSRM - A sophisticated steel mill project in Bangladesh

BANGLADESH  BSRM is a sophisticated steel mill project in the heavy industry of Bangladesh. The total weight of this project is 5,000 MT with laced columns, making BSRM the biggest project in its area. The project consists of megastructure and mega components, not only make it look huge but also ensure firmness.

PEB Steel completed its BSRM Phase One project in 2006. Through our continuous delivering of high-quality steel structures and best-in-class customer services, BSRM has once again called upon PEB Steel to work on its Phase Two project. This signified another long-term partnership between PEB Steel and BSRM.