PEB Steel to erect its first column of 6th factory


VUNG TAU – August 5, 2015, PEB Steel started erecting the first column of the 6th Factory after 35 days only from the Ground Breaking. This remarkable achievement by PEB Steel was witnessed by Mr. Truong Khoi Nguyen – General Manager of PEB Hanoi office who expressed his words “The sixth is the number of prosperity and we are very sure that we will move quickly to the ninth, which means the number of long life and stability”.

YES, at PEB Steel, we know that timing is always the most valuable asset to all customers including us. By keeping erection on time, we expect to finish and run an operation of the 6th factory in the shortest time and bring the first heavy steel structure into the market.


Mr. Truong Khoi Nguyen – General Manager of PEB Hanoi office postured at the 6thfactory job site.

The first modern Aeon Mall car parking lot in Cambodia


CAMBODIA – PEB Steel recently completed a major car parking lot for the Giant Japanese Retailer Aeon Mall in Cambodia. The mall parking lot covers a 25,000 square meter with 4 stories designed, fabricated and erected by PEB Steel. This magnificent steel structure is considered unique due to its location right in the center of Phnom Penh capital, eye-catching look and considered as the first huge modern mall in Cambodia.

This PEB structure building took only 6 months to finish the entire building including foundation work, and PEB Steel continues to be a partner of Japanese Aeon Mall for their future development in Cambodia and Vietnam.



Aeon Mall car parking lot views from outside.