Indonesia's President visits a project done by PEB Steel


On 27 Jan 2015, the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo spent his visit to the Big Leap complex which is manufacturing consumer products, extracted from palm oil. This is among the national key projects by foreign direct investment (FDI) in Indonesia in 2014.


Indonesian President Joko Widodo visits the Big Leap complex

The construction project requires the application of advanced technology and standards in design, in detailing/ shop drawings as well as high precision in fabrication and erection to bring great success to the whole project. As the result, all the buildings come on-line in 2015 with the highest building of 60m and a total weight of 7,000MT.

The huge multi-national company Unilever entrusted PEB Steel with this complex job due to the competence and experience of over 20-years in the steel structure.

96m clear span - PEB Steel reaffirms leading role in p.e.b. industry

Since established in 1994, PEB Steel was always determined to be a Leader in terms of sustainable development and innovation. PEB Steel recognizes that it is not easy to continue to be a Pioneer in the steel structure and this is the reason why we continue to bring new developments to the pre-engineered steel building. Recently, PEB Steel completed a unique green building project for Jooco Dona (located at Bau Xeo IP, Dong Nai province).

With over 20 years in PEB industry has given us a great opportunity to be assigned to do the first green “96 meters clear span” shoe factory in the history of Vietnam by the well-known Korean general contractor and the project’s investor. Furthermore, this also entrusted PEB Steel to do another unique first-ever target which is 15 meters bay spacing (a distance between each column) without any Jack Beam. Be noted that the bay spacing in Vietnam and the region is normally from 6 meters to 10 meters. In addition, PEB Steel was also asked to ensure Total Clean Perfect Safety record while completing this huge project.


Jooco Dona Project with 96m Clear Span

By finishing the Jooco Dona project, PEB Steel once again satisfies not only investor and contractor but also reconfirms the firm commitment as the undisputed leader in the pre-engineered steel building industry in Vietnam and across Asia region.