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Top 5 Designs of The Most Modern Rural Prefabricated Building in 2022

Expert opinion - 23/08/2022

Rural prefabricated buildings are a preferred building trend to replace traditional housing construction works such as tiles, concrete,… This trend is becoming more and more popular thanks to the outstanding advantages of prefabricated steel buildings such as rapid construction time, durability and high safety, flexibility in design, aesthetics,… Join Pebsteel to learn more details about the structure, construction costs and refer to the most aesthetic rural prefabricated buildings today.

Design of rural prefabricated buildings in coastal areas

1.What is a rural prefabricated building?

The rural prefabricated building was built from steel components produced at the factory, then moved to install according to the designed drawings. The model of prefabricated buildings in the countryside is usually a tier 4 building with only one floor or with additional mezzanine. 

Same with other types of prefabricated steel construction works, prefabricated building designs require a professional, experienced construction organization to ensure the criteria of safety, aesthetics and sustainability.

2. Rural prefabricated buildings structure

The structure of the prefabricated building usually consists of 4 main parts:

The foundation is made up of foundation plate, foundation bracing, foundation neck with materials such as reinforced concrete and bolts. The foundation needs to be sturdy, capable of good load bearing to be able to support the entire building above.

  • The frame system consists of a standard frame system, bracing system and purlin system that supports other structures, conveying the load down to the foundation, bearing vertically and horizontally, contributing to increasing the hardness and safety of the entire steel frame.
  • The corrugated steel roof system consists of types such as corrugated steel wall, corrugated steel roof. The effect of the corrugated steel is to insulate, sun & rain protection for the inside of the building.
  • The sub-structural system and accessories include roof top ventilation system, porch, door, louver, maintenance walkway, cage ladder, decorative frill, gutter,… contributes to increasing the aesthetics of the prefabricated building.

3.Rural prefabricated building construction cost

The construction cost will depend on factors such as scale, demand, surroundings, design style,… After the relevant parties agree, the construction organization will send a detailed price list according to each category.

Customers can refer to an overview of the process of quotation of rural prefabricated buildings from Pebsteel prefabricated steel company as follows:

  • Planning ideas & proposing solutions: Pebsteel will listen to get the customers insights.  After that, Pebsteel’s team of professional engineers, with many years of experience will come up with solutions and design ideas according to customer needs.
  • Contract signing: After the parties successfully agree on the terms, the signing procedure will take place. This is considered to be the beginning of the project.
  • Project implementation: Pebsteel will carry out each category of the project including technical drawings, fabricattion and installation in accordance with the requirements in the signed contract.

4. Simple designs of aesthetic rural prefabricated buildings

4.1 Tier 4 Prefabricated building designs in countryside

Tier 4 prefabricated building is a type of construction with only 1 simple floor. This is a very popular house in the countryside because of its closeness, familiarity and an ancient traditional beauty.

Tier 4 prefabricated building design in countryside (Source: Internet)

4.2 Aesthetic Small Prefabricated Building Design

This is a design of prefabricated buildings with a small & neat area, suitable for 1-2 people to stay. Because the space is small, the inside of this building type needs to be designed and arranged in a reasonable way, taking advantage of the space in the most optimal way to get convenience while still ensuring the aesthetics of the building.

Tier 4 prefabricated building design in countryside (Source: Internet)

4.3 Designs of prefabricated buildings with gardens in countryside

This building design is also quite popular with people in the countryside. The building is designed with a surrounding garden, creating a cool green space with trees, flower gardens, lakes,… The garden also contributes to the beauty of the whole building and this is also a place for family members to congregate, have fun, rest,…

Design of rural prefabricated buildings with gardens (Source: Internet)

4.4 A-shaped roof prefabricated building design

A-shaped roof is an A-shaped roof or a high-grade reclining roof, with a large slope, the roof is located outside the body, usually two layers overlapping. The prefabricated building design combined with the A-shaped roof is somewhat ancient and luxurious, emphasizing the massive & solidity of the house. This is a point that attracts homeowners to be interested in choosing A-shaped roofs for their housing construction.

Model of A-shaped roof prefabricated building in the countryside (Source: Internet)

Pebsteel is a global enterprise specializing in providing solutions for prefabricated steel buildings and steel structures. During its operation, the company has carried out more than 6000 different projects in many countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Laos,… Therefore, Pebsteel is always committed to providing customers with a comprehensive, professional service throughout the project and always maintaining support for customers.  Some common types of services in Pebsteel that you can refer to are the construction of prefabricated buildings with high standard truss systems, providing corrugated steel roof systems and high-end construction accessories.

The above article has provided customers with the most necessary information about the structure, construction costs and designs of rural prefabricated buildings. If you have questions that need to be answered or free advice and quotes, please contact the following email marketing@pebsteel.com.vn or phone number +84 908 883531 for the fastest support.

Is the cost of building a rural prefabricated building expensive?

The cost of construction will depend on many factors such as: details of construction categories, location, environmental conditions,… In addition, the cost of steel buildings also fluctuates according to the construction schedule as well as the type of material that customers require. You can contact Pebsteel for advice on quotes

What do you need to prepare when deciding to build a rural prefabricated building?

First, the investor needs to clearly define the purpose of use. In addition to the current use purpose, it is necessary to consider the need for future expansion because if you do not calculate from the begining then it will be difficult to expand later.

In addition, the owner needs to learn about the rural prefabricated building and contact the experienced organization about the prefabricated building to ensure the construction process takes place as planned and the quality is guaranteed.


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