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Beautiful Pre-Engineered Steel Building Designs in 2022

Expert opinion - 11/08/2022

Pre-engineered steel buildings are commonly applied in many different fields such as commercial, industrial, civil, etc by reason of their advantages of quality, rapid construction speed and optimal construction costs. Join Pebsteel to explore what Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings are and refer to the top beautiful Pre-Engineered Steel Building designs. 

What are pre-engineered steel buildings?

Pre-engineered steel building is a type of building that is installed from steel members manufactured according to the technical drawing. Normally, it takes about 3 – 6 months to complete a pre-engineered steel building, which is faster than a traditional concrete works. The complete construction process of a pre-engineered steel building involves 3 major stages which are designing, fabricating and installing at construction sites.

Advantages of pre-engineered steel buildings

Pre-engineered steel buildings are not only used in civil constructions, but also in the industrial sector such as mechanical factories, warehouses, etc along with following outstanding benefits:

  • Cost-savings: Pre-engineered steel buildings are lighter in weight compared to traditional concrete works, which assists the investors in reducing material costs of foundation reinforcement. Additionally, as steel members are ready-made, the erection at construction sites will be faster, thereby reducing personnel costs as well as general construction costs of buildings.
  • Rapid construction speed: At factories, the components of a pre-engineered steel building are manufactured in the accurate sizes and quantities according to the technical drawing. After finishing the fabrication stage, the components will be transported to construction sites and fully installed. As a result, the design and installation stage of traditional works are not as rapid, accurate, and effective as those of pre-engineered steel buildings are.
  • Flexibility and convenience: Different from the components of a wood or concrete building, the ones of a pre-engineered steel building are easily-assembled, which help the expansion and update of the construction to avoid damaging the main structure. Furthermore, a pre-engineered steel building is capable of combining with various materials such as wood, glass, concrete, etc for architectural and aesthetic assurance such as shopping centers, hotels, office buildings, etc.

Common types of pre-engineered steel buildings

Depending on sectors in need and purposes of use, pre-engineered steel buildings are categorized into many types such as commercial pre-engineered buildings, industrial pre-engineered buildings, civil pre-engineered buildings, etc.

Commercial pre-engineered steel buildings

By means of many inherently remarkable advantages, nowadays, pre-engineered steel buildings are applied in commercial construction projects such as showrooms, supermarkets, cinemas, etc. Ordinarily, they are designed to be spacious, multi-storey and highly aesthetic.

Pre-engineered steel showroom
Pre-engineered steel showroom (Source: Pebsteel)

Industrial pre-engineered steel buildings

A pre-engineered steel building is an optimal solution for the construction of factories, storages, farms and ranches, shipyards, etc. They can satisfy special material requirements, allow large-sized machine installations and be suitable to work in a high temperature and humidity environment.

Industrial pre-fabricated steel building – Pre-fabricated factory
Industrial pre-fabricated steel building – Pre-fabricated factory (Source: Pebsteel)

Steel-structured infrastructures, public constructions

Pre-engineered steel structures are applied widely in many public and infrastructural constructions such as stadiums, bridges, convention centers, churches, pagodas, etc. Normally, the constructions require highly aesthetic and durable building materials.

Pre-engineered steel structure stadium canopy
Pre-engineered steel structure stadium canopy (Source: Internet)

Residential pre-engineered steel buildings

Residential pre-engineered steel buildings are viewed as one of the preferred construction trends recently, superseding usual concrete houses. They not only have architectural flexibility and rapid erection time, but also high durability and reasonable construction costs. Designs of level 4 residential steel – structured house, 2 – storey or mezzanine steel-structured house have been more and more well-liked among customers.

Residential steel-structured house in modern design
Residential steel-structured house in modern design (Source: Internet)

Many investors choose pre-engineered steel buildings because of their abundant advantages of costs, quality and design. Though, customers are required to explore, select prestigious design and construction organizations in order to achieve the most optimal solution. In possession of 27 years of experience, Pebsteel delivered more than 6,000 projects to thousands of clients in over 50 countries and operated its 10 offices in 6 countries.If there is any question about pre-engineered steel buildings, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email Marketing@pebsteel.com.vn or hotline +84 908 883531 for further assistance.


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