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Criteria For Designing Beautiful Pre-engineered Steel Buildings in 2022

Expert opinion - 13/08/2022

Pre-engineered steel buildings (or pre-engineered buildings) are the construction type which is paid attention by many investors nowadays. Not only are pre-engineered buildings beautiful designs but also they are cost-savings, and time-savings for construction. The designing process of pre-engineered buildings plays a very important role before procedure, and erection. So what are the criteria for designing beautiful pre-engineered buildings in 2022?

Hangar with built-up curved rafter which is steel pre-engineered, at Tan Son Nhat airport (Cre: Pebsteel)

What is the structure of a pre-engineered steel building?

Nowadays, pre-engineered steel buildings are widely applied in industrial, civil, and commercial constructions. Commonly, a pre-engineered steel construction is composed of 4 main parts:

  • The foundation has a composition of footing plate, footing brace, footing column with reinforced concrete, and bolts. The foundation of the pre-engineered steel building has the function to hold all of the construction, so it must have a good bearing-load capacity corresponding to the weight of the on-ground construction.
  • The framing includes the standard-trussing system, bracing system, purlin system which are to hold other compositions, transmit its load to the foundation, bear the loads in vertical and in horizontal, increase the hardness and stability of the steel-frame structure. 
  • The sheeting includes basic components such as metal-sheet roofs, metal-sheet walls which have the functions are waterproofing, heat resistant, shielding for the inner space. 
  • The sub-structural system and accessories help to better the effect of usage effectiveness as well as the construction’s aesthetics, including rooftop ventilation system, canopy, door, louver, aisle maintenance, round railing ladder, decorative trim, gutter, etc.

The importance of good design drawings for pre-engineered steel buildings

For any construction, the design drawings are always considered as the most essential factor for having a good work. The design drawings of pre-engineered buildings bring various values like:

  • Showing the abilities to meet the usage demands after having finished the construction. Good design drawings ensure the construction having sufficient details that it needs, and prevents any predictable inconvenience during the using process.
  • Optimizing the building materials choice: the more detailed a design drawings is, the more effective it helps the investors to choose building materials. Moreover, choosing materials in exact details from the beginning, will help the investors and contractors prevent from budget deficit, or material waste.
  • Being a sufficient object describing exact information about the planned construction: the engineers will be pursuant to customers’ demands, and make a design in a short time. In case the customers aren’t satisfied with designing ideas of the engineers, the contractor can easily, quickly fix the drawings; that is also more economical than direct construction (without design drawings).

Commonly-seeing mistakes of pre-engineered steel buildings

Designing pre-engineered buildings is one of the most important processes in construction. But if the design drawings which doesn’t ensure suitability, and great exactness; will considerably affect the construction and the investors in the using process. Designing mistakes that pre-engineered buildings commonly-having are:

  • The design drawings don’t exactly estimate the quantity of materials causing shortage or redundancy in materials.
  • Designing warehouses with too many columns, rafters will cause many difficulties when arranging commodities.
  • Air ventilating system is appropriately designed, which makes the pre-engineered building oppressive. Simultaneously, ignoring the air ventilator in the designing process will make the investors consume costs for installing air conditioners.
  • The roofs which aren’t added with glowing iron sheets, won’t provide enough natural light, incurring costs for the illumination system in the construction.
  • Over than that, carelessly-designed drawings can affect the construction’s quality, leading to dangerous situations during the process of use. Therefore, the investors need to choose designing solutions which are safe, and suitable with using demands of pre-engineered buildings.

Price quoting, designing process of good pre-engineered buildings of Pebsteel

If the investors are looking for a reputable pre-engineered building design and construction unit with great experience, Pebsteel will be the best choice. Not only providing customers with high-quality products with outstanding features, Pebsteel also has a clear and transparent quotation for pre-engineered steel building designing process, with the following steps:

  • After receiving information from the customers, Pebsteel will conduct a research on detailed requirements of investors for pre-engineered buildings. On that basis, Pebsteel will recommend some suitable design solutions, and provide a rudimentary design with a quotation for equivalent works.
  • After the investor agrees with the proposals as well as rudimentary drawings, Pebsteel will confirm the construction quote by contracting, and plan the implementation.
  • After the contract is signed, Pebsteel will begin to design the detailed technical drawings according to the deadlines set out in the contract.

Beautiful, great models of pre-engineered steel buildings in 2022

Pre-engineered steel factory

Pre-engineered factory producing livestock feed, constructed by Pebsteel

Pre-engineered steel warehouse in Japan

Logistic warehouse stocking goods in Japan (Cre: Pebsteel)

Pre-engineered factory

Pre-engineered factory with canopy, constructed by Pebsteel
A factory produces electronic equipments (Vietnam) – Cre: Pebsteel

Level 4 pre-engineered houses with new, modern designs

A model of level 4 pre-engineered house with modernly-new design
2-storey pre-engineered house with modern design – Cre: Internet

Multi-floor pre-engineered steel building

4-storey pre-engineered steel  parking lot for AEON Mall Cambodia, designed and constructed by Pebsteel

Pebsteel – Best design, construction unit for pre-engineered steel buildings in Vietnam

For 27 years of development from 1994, Pebsteel has had more than 6000 different projects in more than 50 countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Japan, New Zealand. With great experience, responsible profession, and good service attitude, choosing Pebsteel as a companion for your project will bring you the satisfaction from consultation, customer caring process, and the best assurance.

After referring to some information as well as the importance of design in the construction of pre-engineered steel buildings. If customers still have queries, please contact at email marketing@pebsteel.com.vn or phone number +84 908 883531 for specific advices


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