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Deck Floor Panel Application and Quote in 2022

Expert opinion - 19/08/2022

Deck floor panels are widely applied in prefabricated steel buildings because of many outstanding advantages. Join Pebsteel to refer to the article below to learn about the deck floor panel as well as the update of Pebsteel deck floor panel quote in 2022!

1.What are Deck Floor Panels?

Deck floor panels are construction materials that are made up of galvanized cold rolled steel used to combine with concrete and metal mesh to form steel-concrete composite floors. Depending on the feature of each building, Deck floor panels will be produced in different sizes.

Subsurface of PebDek Deck floor panels from Pebsteel

2. Advantages and applications of deck floor panels

Currently, the deck floor panel is chosen by many investors thanks to the outstanding advantages as well as high application.

2.1 Advantages of floor deck panels

High durability: The deck floor panels are made from galvanized steel so they are highly durable. The galvanized layer functions as a film that protects the deck floor panels from the impact of the external environment.

Cost savings: Using deck floor panels can help to save the construction costs from 7% – 12%. The deck floor (or conjugate floor) has a lighter weight than the concrete floor which helps to reduce the impact load on the foundation of the building. As a result, the investor will optimize the cost of foundation materials.

Environmental significance: Reinforced steel-concrete combined floors require less concrete to be used than traditional concrete floors, which helps investors save material costs, restrict waste during construction process and contribute to environmental protection.

2.2 Application of deck floor panels in construction of prefabricated steel buildings

In the construction of prefabricated steel buildings, deck floor panels are used as a combined floor in many types of works such as office buildings, showrooms, 2-storey prefabricated factories, smart parking lots, … In addition to bearing capacity and stable durability, the combined floor can also adapt to a variety of building types thanks to the ease of combining with other materials such as wood, ceramic tiles, stone, …

3. Pebsteel’s PebDek® deck floor panels quote

The prefabricated steel buildings constructed by Pebsteel use PebDek® 55 and PebDek® 76 deck floor panels. In addition to the advantages of durability and savings, PebDek® corrugated steel floor also has a beautiful appearance thanks to the metallic aluminum plating, which helps to increase the aesthetics of the building. In addition, PebDek® floor panel materials are manufactured in accordance with ASTM A653 SS Class 550 & Z180 (USA) standards and ensure no lead to make the building environmentally friendly.

3.1 PebDek® 55 Deck Floor Panel

In terms of specifications, the PebDek® 55 deck floor panels have a corrugated steel wave height of 55mm. The corrugated steel intervals are 208mm apart and the total width of a Pebdek 55 deck floor panel is 832mm.

PebDek® 55 deck floor panels are mainly used to combine with concrete and metal mesh during reinforcement during the construction of floors in prefabricated steel buildings. In addition, the use of PebDek® 55 deck floor panel also helps to reduce the total mass of concrete but still ensure the efficiency of use in practice.  

3.2 PebDek® Floor Plate 76

The width of this PebDek® 76 deck floor panel reaches 895mm. In particular, the distance between the corrugated steel waves is 295mm and the height of the corrugated steel waves is up to 76mm.

Similar to PebDek® 55, PebDek® 76 deck floor panels are applied to strengthen the floor during the construction of prefabricated steel buildings with the aim of saving concrete mass, reducing construction costs.

Pebdek® 76 deck corrugated steel floor has a wider gauge and higher corrugated steel waves than PebDek® 55 (Source: Pebsteel)

3.3 Pebsteel – Construction organization of quality prefabricated steel buildings in Vietnam

Pebsteel is a leading solution provider for prefabricated steel buildings, from design and processing to construction implementation. During more than 27 years of operation, Pebsteel has accompanied more than 6000 different projects in countries such as Laos, Thailand, Vietnam,… Besides owning a team of highly specialized engineers, dedicated to the profession, Pebsteel is also highly appreciated for its professional and friendly service attitude.

Pebsteel – a supplier of prestigious and quality deck floor panels (Source: Pebsteel)

Above is the information related to deck floor panel products, Pebsteel hopes customers will get the necessary information. You can contact Marketing@pebsteel.com.vn email or hotline +84 908 883531 for advice and answers to any questions about Pebsteel products and services.


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