PEB Steel Visited The Blind Home In Cu Chi

April 18, 2016

HO CHI MINH – 02 April 2016, continuing annual charitable events, PEB Steel’s staff visited and gave presents to Home of The Blind in Phu Hoa Dong hamlet, Cu Chi district. The destination is the home of nearly 100 people who are blind, the elderly, and orphans.

At here, PEB Steel delivered not only essential commodities such as rice, sugar, milk, cooking oil, fish sauce, instant noodles, but PEB’s volunteers also had many fun activities for the children to enjoy. Sharing at the trip, Mrs. Loan, Head of this home, expressed her sincere thankfulness to PEB Steel and staffs’ for this meaningful activity and hopes that PEB shall return to them shortly.

The charitable donation is a part of PEB Steel Foundation and the staff’s contribution. Next time, PEB Steel continues to implement community-based programs to more regions in the country.

Some pictures during the charity:

A photo of PEB Steel employees happily delivering charity items at Cu Chi Home Of Blind.

PEB Steel’s staff were very happy on this charity trip.

 Food and necessities such as rice, sugar, milk, cooking oil, fish sauce, and instant noodles that PEB Steel delivered to Cu Chi Shelter.

Many essential commodities such as rice, sugar, instant noodle, cooking oil, … readied to deliver to the Home.

Happy smile of a woman in Home Of Blind

A happy smile on the elderly’s face.

The joy of PEB Steel's staff when having a conversation with people in Cu Chi's Blind Home

PEB Steel’s staff had a great time full of happiness, sharing, and experience at the Home.