PEB Steel Constructs The Pre-engineered Buildings For Vinfast Production Complex

November 05, 2018

PEB Steel Buildings is proud to have provided pre-engineered buildings and other steel structures for the VinFast automobile manufacturing complex, the first of its kind in Vietnam developed by Vingroup.

Leveraging its 24 years of experience gained through 6,000 large-scale projects in the local and foreign markets, PEB Steel has met several complex requirements and criterias, including technical qualifications, competency, progress, and quality conducted by Vingroup. PEB Steel has become the largest supplier of steel structures for the first phase of the complex and also the sole foreign company to construct the pre-engineered buildings for VinFast’s plant.

The Vinfast pre-engineered plant made by PEB Steel

VinFast automobile manufacturing complex

Mr. Sami Kteily, Executive Chairman of PEB Steel, said that “PEB Steel’s factories have operated at 150 percent capacity and run up two shifts in five continuous months to stay on track. Even during the Tet holiday or the monsoon season, the company was racing to complete the construction in time.”

According to Truong Khoi Nguyen, general manager of PEB Steel Hanoi, to improve the quality of VinFast’s E-scooter assembling workshop, PEB Steel also fabricates the steel frame with increasingly elevated strength resistance properties. As a result, the structural frame can increase strength resistance by 20 percent compared to the original design without raising the production cost.
The view of pre-engineered building, which was made by PEB Steel, from above

VinFast plant from above

Through its excellent track record, PEB Steel has greatly contributed to the seamless process and successful completion of the VinFast automobile manufacturing complex. As VinFast’s plans and ambitions go beyond simply setting up a car company, it is laying the foundations for Vietnam to become a car manufacturing nation. It is PEB Steel’s honor to join this landmark project that pins Vietnam on the global car map.
Full article on Vietnam Investment Review, November 2018