Life At PEB Steel: Mid-Autumn 2018 Celebration

September 26, 2018

Mid-Autumn festival is one of the most interesting holidays to the children. To celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival this year 2018, PEB Steel has held a joyful event to bring an unforgettable night to PEBer’s children and to strengthen the relationship among our employees. The special night took place on 22nd September at Hong Van Theatre – Saigon Superbowl with many exciting activities such as clown making balloons, lion dance, magic show, kid dancing, and many more interactive games and gifts.
At PEB Steel, we celebrate this kind of event annually, and do hope over time, all the children were growing up, but childhood memories about a Full Moon night will never fade.

Clown making cute balloons for children at PEB Steel party

Clown making cute balloons for children

Traditional Lion dance at PEB Steel event

Traditional Lion dance at PEB Steel Mid-Autumn event

Magic show at PEB Steel mid-autumn party

Awesome magic show

Performance from PEB Steel employees’ children

Lovely performance from PEBer’s children

PEB Steel family had a joyful mid-autumn festival party together

PEB family had a wonderful Mid-Autumn festival togethe