Bsrm - A Sophisticated Steel Mill Project In Bangladesh

June 07, 2017

BANGLADESH – BSRM is a sophisticated steel mill project in the heavy industry of Bangladesh. The total weight of this project is 5,000 MT with laced columns, making BSRM the biggest project in its area. The project consists of a megastructure and mega components, not only make it look huge but also ensure firmness.

PEB Steel completed its BSRM Phase One project in 2006. Through our continuous delivery of high-quality steel structures and best-in-class customer services, BSRM has once again called upon PEB Steel to work on its Phase Two project. This signified another long-term partnership between PEB Steel and BSRM.

The design of the BANGLADESH - BSRM steel project - made by PEB Steel.